A visit with a Martin Heinrich representative

Today, we went to the small Martin Heinrich townhall, or whatever they called it, at the Moriarty library. A representative from Martin Heinrich’s office was there. It was small, about 12-14 people came from start to finish. Immediately upon arrival, the rep told us that he wanted to be sure we were “civil”. I thought back to our Founding Fathers. I’ll bet that, above all, they were civil.

A spirited defense of America was put out, with calls to not go down the road that Pres Obama wants to take us; the road that ends in socialism. The rep said that Heinrich supports our American heritage, and talked about our right to vote. No kidding. Yes, we can vote, as all NM congressmen will find out in November, who voted for the healthcare bill against our will. However, our heritage is much deeper than being able to vote. The government for the people, by the people, should never take over 1/6 of our economy, and then raise and re-raise our taxes to fund their plans.

The rep said that he has often heard Rep. Heinrich talk about how passionately he feels about people having healthcare. I said, that is fine. Then, let Heinrich join a church, or support a charity and do all he can to help people with their healthcare. But it is not the place of the government to care for all people. That is not our American heritage. We are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY and we are going to be taxed into oblivion if the final healthcare bill passes.

2 Responses to “A visit with a Martin Heinrich representative”

  1. DAG37 Says:

    I have emailed Heinrich explaining my views on several subjects including healthcare. No written reply but invited to participate in a TELEPHONE Town Hall connection. The first time I listened to most of his introductory spiel straight from the Democratic Talking Points. Closed mind there, so I hung up and didn’t participate. 2nd time, I just hung up.
    With Sen Udall, I expressed my opinion that he had taken an oath to uphold the Constitution and his voting record did not reflect his oath of office. I was a bit stronger than that, citing that as a junior Senator he took his orders from the Democratic Leadership rather than making decisions for the good of the United States.I received a Form Email with the Democratic Talking Points.
    Sen Bingaman, I haven’t tried to contact as I heard the KKOB question about talk radio and his answer of equal time must be given to liberals.
    IT IS EVIDENT the current Politicians will not listen to the people and are hell bent on bringing this Country to a Socialist/Marxist State. We need to work hard to turn them out in 2010 or as soon as their reelection is due…

  2. Chuck Ring Says:

    Thank you so very much for attending. It is good that he will hopefully hear from his messenger.

    Unfortunately, although I have written to everyone of our national senators and representatives, I have yet to receive an answer to my specific questions. What I did receive were packaged responses that touted their positions.

    Although I didn’t receive an answer to my question, I did perceive valuable answers. Those answers, gleaned from their responses … they do not care what conservatives think and feel, nor do they care what moderate liberals and independents think and feel. They are on a true progressive socialist trip and are traveling at a dangerous speed.

    We’ll see you Sunday.

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