FOR OUR CHILDREN: we must remove the un-safe school czar

 Hundreds each day signing online petition to remove radical “Safe-Schools czar” Kevin Jennings. Thousands of outraged people from around the country have been signing the online petition to remove Kevin Jennings, the radical homosexual activist appointed by the Obama administration to be the nationsl “safe schools czar” in the US Department of Education. Hundreds have been signing daily, and the total could surpass 8000 today.


More on Kevin Jennings:

The American Family Association’s posting yesterday: “Obama’s un-safe schools czar”

See our MassResistance reports on Jennings HERE and HERE.

Latest from MassResistance blog:
NOTE: You still have to click through Google’s “warning” screen to get in!

Another Call for Kevin Jennings Ouster as “Safe Schools Czar”

Kevin Jennings Funded “Gay” Prize at Harvard; Helped Radicalize University

AFA Report 2001: Jennings group GLSEN Links Children to Dangerous Websites and Adults

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