URGENT: Photo ID bill


Urgent Message from Hispanos Unidos!


Dear Fellow New Mexicans,

Please call Governor Richardson!
Ask him to put the Photo ID bill on his call.
Call the Governor’s office at:
We need your help!
We need you to join the fight to secure Photo ID requirements at the polls. State Representative Dianne Hamilton (R) District 38 is carrying the bill again.  It calls for photo identification to be presented before citizens may vote, and calls for the state to provide photo IDs free of charge to citizens who don’t have one and can’t afford one.


Rep. Hamilton met with Governor Richardson recently and asked him to put her Photo ID bill on his call (that means the legislature MUST vote on it during the upcoming session.)


We just learned that the bill is not yet slated to be heard. We need our citizens to start calling the Governor’s office and asking him to put Photo ID on his call. Call the Governors’ office at: 505-476-2200
The 2010 New Mexico Legislative Session begins on January 19th, so we must storm his office with phone calls before that date!


See this commercial to understand the severity of our election fraud nightmare:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cKZmScCRGE 

Please forward this message to all your friends and ask them to call the governor.  We must not flag or fail now.
For more information about election fraud in New Mexico, go to:
Victor Contreras, Chairman
Hispanos Unidos

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