The East Mt. Meet and Greet

What a great Meet and Greet we had at the Lion’s Club in Moriarty yesterday! I will be posting pictures later today, along with a report for those who could not attend. It was invigorating to meet so many great Americans from our neighborhoods in the East Mts. and to hear their spirited commentary on the wrong direction that the nation has taken, and to see their willingness to take a stand together now and turn things back to the values from our American heritage.

THANK YOU to all who participated, and a special thanks to the Albuquerque Tea Party, who provided support and advice and inspiration to act now as we join Americans all across the nation in putting a stop to the Progressive’s plans to transform America into something far different than what our founding fathers envisioned. Sacrifices were made, and bloody footsteps in the snow were left, as this great country was brought into existence. As they stood for America’s freedom, so shall we. God bless America.

We will be going to the Roundhouse in Santa Fe tomorrow for the opening of the NM legisative session. Call us at 269-6684 if you would like to participate or if you would like to ride along with us. Signs are allowed outside the capitol but cannot be brought inside. Together, let us make our presence known.

One Response to “The East Mt. Meet and Greet”

  1. Chuck Ring Says:

    Thanks again for putting this together. I am leaving a link to the Constitution class so folks can see the information in case I missed anything:

    Please keep me in the loop and let me know if I may help with anything.

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