Change in Voter ID Bill – call now!

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We won’t go down without a fight!
Call the Rules Committee!

Title Name Role Office Phone
Representative Nick L. Salazar (D) Chair (505) 986-4433
Representative Joseph Cervantes (D) Vice Chair (505) 986-4249
Representative Elias Barela (D) Member (505) 986-4235
Representative Ray Begaye (D) Member (505) 986-4436
Representative Gail Chasey (D) Member (505) 986-4844
Representative Anna M. Crook (R) Member (505) 986-4454
Representative Keith J. Gardner (R) Member (505) 986-4757
Representative John A. Heaton (D) Member (505) 986-4432
Representative Larry A. Larrañaga (R) Member (505) 986-4215
Speaker Ben Lujan (D) Member (505) 986-4782
Representative W. Ken Martinez (D) Member (505) 986-4776
Representative Kathy A. McCoy (R) Member (505) 986-4214
Representative Al Park (D) Member (505) 986-4411
Representative Danice Picraux (D) Member (505) 986-4438
Representative Debbie A. Rodella (D) Member (505) 986-4329
Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D) Member (505) 986-4774
Representative Mimi Stewart (D) Member (505) 986-4840
Representative Thomas C. Taylor (R) Member (505) 986-4757
Representative Don L. Tripp (R) Member (505) 986-4220
Representative Gloria C. Vaughn (R) Member (505) 986-4453

  All the Republican members have already signed on to the bill.  Call the Democrats!  If you call Majority Caucus Leader, John Heaton, THANK HIM FOR BEING ONE OF THE THREE DEMOCRATS WHO SIGNED THE PHOTO ID BILL!   Joseph Cervantes has been a strong opponent to the Photo Voter ID initiative—tell him that the people are sick of the cheating!   We need to storm the offices of the Rules Committee before they meet on Wed., January 27th!  They meet every Monday and Wednesday during the session from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m.  Give your name and phone number—if one of them is your representative, make sure you tell their secretary that!   This is our last gasp for fair and free elections.  Please call.  We’re running out of time…..


3 Responses to “Change in Voter ID Bill – call now!”

  1. dag37 Says:

    I have checked TV Stations Ch 4, 7, 13. NOTHING on this. News media would rather list Domestic partner issues rather than VOTER FRAUD. How about a campaign to get the TV Stations off their collective rears. What are they paying their Investigative Reporters for?

  2. dag37 Says:

    I emailed all three stations asking for them to high light a segment to this issue. No replies from them, so far.
    The Wheel that Squeaks the Most, Gets the Grease!!

  3. Chuck Ring Says:


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