MUST DO calling alert: voter same day registration

Rep. Jim Trujillo, (D), Santa Fe, has submitted a bill for SAME DAY REGISTRATION at the Governor’s request. This means people can register and vote on the same day during early voting WITHOUT A PHOTO ID!!!

House Bill 123 will go to two House Committees: Consumer and Public Affairs and Voters and Elections.

Please call the members of the Voters and Election Committee!! Ask them to vote NO on HB 123 Same Day Registration

NM House Voters and Elections Committee Members
Representative Jose A. Campos (D) Chair 505-986-4341
Representative Mary Helen Garcia (D) Vice Chair 505-986-4435
Representative Thomas A. Anderson (R) Member 505-986-4451
Representative Janice E. Arnold-Jones (R) Member 505-986-4451
Speaker Ben Lujan (D) Member 505-986-4782
Representative James Roger Madalena (D) Member 505-986-4417
Representative W. Ken Martinez (D) Member 505-986-4776
Representative Kathy A. McCoy (R) Member 505-986-4214
Representative Danice Picraux (D) Member 505-986-4438
Representative William “Bill” R. Rehm (R) Member 505-986-4450
Representative Debbie A. Rodella (D) Member 505-986-4329
Representative Edward C. Sandoval (D) Member 505-986-4420
Representative Shirley A. Tyler (R) Member 505-986-4220

Give your name and phone number to their secretaries. If one of these is your representative, make sure you say that. We know there are a lot of names here, and if you are limited in time, please prioritize accordingly:  Make sure you call the Speaker’s Office. After that, call the Democrats on the committee.
Every Republican in the House has already signed on to the Photo ID bill. 

If you cannot call before the end of the day, and you think you will be too busy or forget next week, call over the weekend and leave a message. Best Strategy: Start calling between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  For more details about this bill, go to:

For more information about election fraud in New Mexico, go to


2 Responses to “MUST DO calling alert: voter same day registration”

  1. dag37 Says:

    YOU BETCHA! I’ll call all of them especially McCoy and email her, too.
    I have written to McCoy before and she gave me a good analysis of the problem and what she was doing.
    Sen Beffort on the other hand , felt she blew me off with her reply as if to say, NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT, I’m in the minority. This was last year on some issue, now forgotten.
    I’ll still email Beffort to see what kind of answer I get.

  2. Chuck Ring Says:



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