Q and A about the East Mt Tea Party

HI! Been a while since the ‘Meet & Greet’. When I had to leave for home during the Doctors explanation of the Health Bill, we had a decent crowd.

From your introduction, your organization skills had been busy way before the meeting.
What kind of support are you getting?
Do you have specific goals in mind.? No offense -You are a great cheerleader.
Do you have a list of committed EM participants?
I fear maybe not, if the next meeting was going to be in your home, UNLESS you have a mighty big home and very considerate neighbors.

I believe your next meeting was desired to establish some goals with maybe a smaller group for consideration by a larger group, but how do you measure progress. I believe we are being out manuevered by the ‘opposition’.

My Sons and Grandsons are all out of school but some of the things I hear about programs in High Schools bother me. If you read the program it is disconcerting …I have to go find the reference…………….

The recommended reading list for the students is indoctrination. As adults, ‘know thy enemy’ we should probably read or be familiar with the listed documents. It would probably give a good lesson plan for what the administration is up to.  http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2010/01/31/obamas-recruiting-students-further-agenda-and-reelection

I’ve been going to buy the Alinsky book for several months since I first heard about it, but have never got around to it.


ANSWER from Char Tierney:

Hey D, Great questions and let me try and answer some of them. Yes, the meeting was for those who want to be involved with the planning and the actions we do next. We expected that there might be 15-25 of us, including the ones who live here. We had a positive rsvp from 15 for sure, and a strong ‘will try to be there’ from others. We have two houses and a real big yard so in the spring I think that will be useful for meetings. One of the houses has a big living room and big den and that is where we thought we would meet this time.

Here are some of the issues we wanted to discuss as a group:
– flashlight rallies, when and how and where – the flashlight rally is where we show up with signs and flashlights and say, “the light is on you. we are watching you”. This is one to threaten those who are in office and don’t want the public to know what they are doing. Our voting booths are being threatened and we cannot afford to lose them. We have to shine the light and turn these rallies into weapons. They have the potential to grab the attention of the media, which we want and need if possible and which those who are being exposed will hate. So, we want to discuss this: the timing and how to go forward with them.

– update on the petition to indict our corrupt Senators who voted for that giant bribe in the US Senate, but especlally to bribe the Senators of Louisiana and Nebraska. Roger Lenard, who brought out the petition, has been speaking with the lawyer and they made a few changes in the petition so it can be brought on a state level and not just a federal level so that makes it easier. What we really want to talk about this is: how to go forward from here. I tend to want to help on an organizational level and my idea is for a committee or people or volunteers or whatever to get together and plan to contact every Tea Party and Patriotic group, every Veterans group, every Republican party group in the state. I am not a Republican (but I am going to return to the party, I am currently an Independent) but I believe they are going to be willing to participate with any serious attempt to indict the Democrats for this crime. So, let’s get this thing going state-wide. We have some signatures but we need them in the thousands and tens of thousands to really bring effect, and we need to hear a report about where we can realistically bring the suit, and what do we need to really get this moving and get some momentum. As a group, at our house, we are willing to make calls and print and distribute flyers, or petitions, but what can we all do together?

D, I think this is beyond serious at this point. This nation truly is under threat of being “fundamentally changed” from our American foundation. The threat is absolute and we must meet it head on. Yesterday Silvana Lupetti was speaking of our schools, exactly as you are describing. Our generation is getting older and we have our values, but for too long the progressives have been in our schools poisoning the kids with socialist leaning teaching and now, there is a generation who is grown, and another generation after that growing up now, who don’t understand our founding fathers or our heritage. Also, they are being sexualized, beyond what children should bear, as we can see by the scandal about the “safe-school” czar, Kevin Jennings. (see http://gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/2009/12/fistgate-xiii-barack-obamas-safe-schools-czar-pushed-book-detailing-sex-between-1st-graders-in-1994/ for the heinous Fistgate scandal) The lies have been sown, and now we are reaping the tares. So, we have a fight on our hand with a people who really think they are the most caring people in the world and that Obama is this wonderful saviour. We have got to act, because they have no morals and no compunction about using anything they can to get their agenda through and impose it on the American people.

We can see by the Massachusetts Miracle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nEoW-P81-0&feature=player_embedded) and by the response from the Tea Parties that many of us absolutely reject what they are doing and wish they would just go away or drop dead or whatever so we can go on with our lives and our freedom, but they are not going to go away. We have a godly heritage together (see http://www.PresidentWashingtonsVision.com to read the vison of hope that was given to George Washington while at Valley Forge) and we have to stand up for it together. I feel like a founding father rising to my feet: I feel determined to give everything I have in whatever way is needed, to further this stand for freedom. And it is with that spirit and with that purpose that we started the East Mt Tea Party to begin with. I know you feel the same and your news stories show you get it exactly. (http://www.EMTPnews.wordpress.com) And how do we get our neighbors to see the real threat and get them to act? We HAVE TO act in the schools. That is something I want to express and emphasize at the next meeting. And maybe that meeting needs to be at the Lion’s Club where more can come. We don’t want to entertain the people who come, we want to engage them. We want them to give their time, their lives, their money, their help. We don’t ask much, do we? America is worth it. When it is done, when we have our freedoms secure, then we will quiet down and go back to our homes and our lives and be grateful to everyone who stood with us, our neighbors and our friends and fellow patriots.

We have more plans to discuss, and we will bring them up at the next meeting. We have 100+ phone numbers/addresses/emails of East Mt residents who support our goals, who support the Tea Party. We also will keep people informed via flyers posted in the towns here and in businesses who support standing against this invasive administration, and we plan to send out e-blasts. We are working on getting that set up now. The number of supporters will rise as the word spreads. So we appreciate your support, your suggestions, your advice and partipation. Thank you so much for what you are already doing for us and for the East Mts. Together let’s show New Mexico, and the whole nation, that the East Mountains, NM, and all the Tea Parties stand for America’s freedoms.

Char Tierney

From: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?v=app_2347471856&ref=name&id=100000670052234#/note.php?note_id=443815815082&id=100000670052234&ref=nf


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