House Bill 123 looming

House Bill 123 could be voted on as early as next week.  This legislation would further relax our election laws by allowing someone to register to vote on the same day he or she actually votes.  This doesn’t provide enough time to make sure the person is legally qualified to vote at the address they provide and isn’t trying to abuse the system.  

In 2006, the state sent out approximately 1 million voter identification cards and over 200,000 came back as undeliverable.  This means that the state has incorrect voter information for over 200,000 people, nearly 1-in-5.  Until this problem is addressed, why would we give more opportunity for people to commit fraud? Please Call & Email All Members of the Voters and Elections Committee and Urge them to vote NO on House Bill 123.
Rep. Jose A. Campos                          505-986-4341—Chair
Rep. Mary Helen Garcia                     505-986-4435—Vice Chair
Rep. Thomas Anderson                      505-986-4451
Rep. Janice E. Arnold-Jones               505-986-4451
Speaker Ben Lujan                              505-986-4782
Rep. James Roger Madalena               505-986-4417
Rep. W. Ken Martinez                        505-986-4776
Rep. Kathy A. McCoy                        505-986-4214
Rep. Danice Picraux                            505-986-4438
Rep. William “Bill” R. Rehm                 505-986-4450
Rep. Debbie A. Rodella                      505-986-4329
Rep. Edward C. Sandoval                   505-986-4420
Rep. Shirley A. Tyler                           505-986-4220

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