Same Day Voter Hearing in the HOUSE – urgent

Santa Fe T.E.A. Party

Same Day Voter Hearing in the HOUSE
February 10, 2010


Photo Voter ID
Same Day Voter Registration
Medical Insurance Bill
Wilderness Bill


Today (Wednesday) the Senate tried to rush through the Senate’s Same Day Voting Bill.  They know that there is a likelihood that Republicans will win several seats in November unless they can ‘rig’ elections by weakening our election laws.  This is War!  Tomorrow (Thursday) the House will hear the Photo Voter ID bill at 8:30 am.  Below are two emails I received about these important bills. If you can make it to the Roundhouse, please join us!  If not, please continue to call and email to make your voices heard!

Thank you!




Rep. Kathy McCoy is going to try to amend HB 123 tomorrow morning in Voters and Elections with HB 97, requiring photo identification.  Word has been sent that our people would try to be there to support her.

The meeting is at 8:30 a.m. in Room 317.  Janice Arnold Jones will have a webcam running live streaming video from the meeting.  You can see and hear the meeting by going to:
People are praying all over the state that our citizens will be heard.  Those of you who are fighting for the rest of us in Santa Fe, please know you carry our hopes and our gratitude.
Victor Contreras, Chairman
Hispanos Unidos



 Last Chance to Stop HB-123 in Committee
Same Day Voter Registration
(requires NO photo ID proof)

Please forward this information to family, friends, and colleagues. Encourage them to subscribe at to receive personal alerts.

Tomorrow, Thursday 2/11, the House Voters and Elections Committee will vote on HB 123.  The vote on HB 123 is likely in to occur in the morning.

It is critical to FLOOD the committee members listed below ASAP with calls, e-mails or visits to DEFEAT HB 123 before it heads to the House floor. Tell them:
·    VOTE NO on HB 123
·    In 2006, nearly 20% of voter ID cards mailed were returned as undeliverable.
·    Unethical individuals, voting early, can vote in numerous precincts, committing fraud with ease

·    Instead support photo ID voter registration and voting! PREVENT FRAUD!

Jose Campos-Democrat
(505) 986-4341

Mary Helen Garcia-Democrat
(505) 986-4435

Ben Lujan-Democrat
(505) 986-4782

James Roger Madalena-Democrat
(505) 986-4417

W. Ken Martinez-Democrat
(505) 986-4417

Debbie Rodella-Democrat
(505) 986-4329

Edward Sandoval
505-986-4300 (This is main legislative switchboard number, ask to be transferred to Rep. Sandoval)

Please consider donating to TVAC-NM ( so we may continue to provide alerts to protect life, marriage and family in time to make a difference.

Thank you for your continued commitment to life, marriage and family!


The Traditional Values Action Committee-NM


SB 213 /a/ec  REGULATION OF CERTAIN MEDICAL ENTITIES/ (INGLE) is 17th out of 22 items on today’s Senate Floor Calendar.   Because the bill has an Emergency Clause attached it requires a positive vote of a minimum of two/thirds of the members present.  If all 42 Senators are on the Floor for the vote, it would take at least 27 votes yes (if my math is correct).  The Emergency Clause means that the law would become effective immediately on signing by the Governor.

Below is the overview of SB 213 and HB 188 sent out by Doc-Net.  It clearly describes what can happen to physicians if it does not pass and be signed by the Governor.

 PLEASE Do NOT tell me that it does not impact you personally so therefore it is not important that you contact your State Senator and Representative!!  It impacts every physician in New Mexico directly or indirectly.

 MORE IMPORTANTLY: it impacts your patients and all New Mexicans that need medical care.  The issue is not just about how much more physicians have to pay for their insurance; it is called ACCESS for Patients!

We do not have enough physicians, or enough other medical providers, in NM to take care of patients now. As we strive to get insurance coverage for the current uninsured, we must also realize that we must do everything in our power to keep current practicing physicians in New Mexico rather than implementing burdensome, highly expensive regulations; regulations that will drive many to our neighboring states.

NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION!!  There is no excuse for not contacting your Senator and Representative RIGHT NOW.  Please call 505.986-4300 and ask for your Senator. 

As of this minute (10:45 AM) the Senate has not convened so you have time to call.  Secretaries will see that Senators get your message on the Floor during a Floor Session so call now!  If you do not know who your Senator is, then call GAMA and I will tell you who it is.  Or go to the Legislative website at for more information.

 No excuses.  Call right now!!


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