Same Day voter registration tabled in both house and senate

Well done, everyone in the East Mt Tea Party who participated in the calls and contact to our representatives and senators offices. They tabled the bill! Thank God. WELL DONE.  The following is an email from state Tea Party Coordinator, Jeanne Coates.

Received word from Patriots who are attending all the meetings this session in Santa Fe in order to keep the public aware of what our legislature is doing:

As of today, February 11, 2010, BOTH BILLS HAVE BEEN TABLED!!!! YEA!

We can celebrate this victory but we must remember that the war is NOT over yet.  We have much work to do in order to restore the state to Constitutional governance.

Thanks to all the Patriots throughout New Mexico who made calls, wrote letter, sent faxes and emails……your efforts are paying off.  We can make a difference, if we stay on this.  The evidence is clear.

There are bills that have passed and if they become law, we will have to decide at that time if we want to do a veto referendum on them.  I will give more information if and when that time comes.

Until then, please continue to watch for updates and stay on the elected officials about important issues that affect us all.


Jeanne Coates
NM Patriots


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