The food tax bill has been tabled

The food tax bill that would have “made us eat healthy” as stated by one of our state reps. in NM, has been tabled!  Yea!  Pat Morlen from the ATP was there to voice concerns of the people.  New Mexico politicians want to finance a system that is broke off the backs of ALL the taxpayers.   That’s another win for the Teaparty!  We the People in New Mexico, do very much appreciate Pat for all her hard work.  Going to the sessions every day in Santa Fe, keeping us posted on what is happening and speaking up for all those that are unable to make that trip but who are deeply concerned with the direction New Mexico apparently continues to go!

Jeanie Coates
New Mexico Patriots


2 Responses to “The food tax bill has been tabled”

  1. Chuck Ring Says:

    I can still afford, “Tortilla, Another White Meat. Yea!

    Thanks to all of you for all of your hard work.

  2. estrada Says:

    I’d also like to protect our borders, send all illegal aliens back to there countries, stop all welfare programs to the illegals, make english our main language.

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