New Jobs Bill: All the Easier to Bribe you, My Dear

So, now the Senate is passing the New Jobs Bill, i.e. The Old Stimulus Bill, Part II. In other words, they borrowed more money that we and our children must repay.

A few weeks ago, in my city, Moriarty, New Mexico, Representative Martin Heinrich (D), with help from the staff of Senators Udall (D) and Bingaman (D), held a Jobs Workshop, in which he explained to local businessmen how to apply for and receive federal stimulus money.

How thoughtful. We borrowed all this money and the people of your town must repay it, and here it is. Let us help you to get your share.

What hurting business in this recession would not consider federal money welcome news?

Thus, the Democrats use the money, “The People’s Money”, to show their kind and caring hearts and to ease the way to their own reelection. On top of his Workshop, Martin Heinrich (D) has raised over $1 million in campaign money, while his challenger, Jon Barela (R) has raised over $200,000. And now that the Jobs Bill is passing, incumbent Heinrich will have access to more federal money with which he can bribe more New Mexicans to vote for him.

It is not that we begrudge the money to the businesses. We want all New Mexican businesses to thrive, as we want all Americans to thrive. But on borrowed money that we the people must repay? Money that Democrats unabashedly use to promote their own seats of power? Bribery is used openly in Congress (the Louisiana Purchase II, the Cornhusker Kickback) and do we really think this is any different?

So this is what lies before the Tea Partiers and other concerned Americans. Those in power will use the money borrowed to cement their own seats of power. Already with this power, they plan to further burden the people by taking over 1/6 the economy as they vote to make themselves the managers of our healthcare, as they have become managers of our banks, and managers of auto companies.

We The People must say no. We MUST remove the offenders from office. We have to get up off our couches, out of our houses, into the streets, and we must rally neighbors, friends, community, churches, to stop the corrupt and self-serving Congress that is now in place. We must elect better. We must do all we can, for the love of our children, for the love of America, who is being pushed to the brink of financial collapse through the reckless borrowing and spending of Congress, and we must do all we can to end this national nightmare. So help us God.


4 Responses to “New Jobs Bill: All the Easier to Bribe you, My Dear”

  1. dag37 Says:

    This is just Part I.. Reid Majority Leader stated yesterday after the Jobs Bill was passed into debate, the 2nd Jobs Bill would be soon forthcoming!
    RHINO’S Both Maine Senators and YES Brown from Mass, Sen #41 to stop Health Care, voted to move the bill forward . Sen from Ohio and one other, I think the Sen from Missouri.
    Wonder how he is going to vote on Obamas ‘non specific’ Health Bill revised by Obama and staff. It can’t be computed for cost analysis because it is too general, not specific enough. Watch Congress vote because the Messiah wants them to pass it before the end of the year. I pray not, before it is properly vetted.

  2. Michelle Says:

    What are the EMTP’s thoughts on Barela as a candidate? Is he worthy of Heinrich’s position? If he is, I’m sure a lot of us can support him. Does he have a website or a phone number? Let’s get these entitled Dems out of office and replace them with reps that will do the people’s will!

  3. teapartynm Says:

    I went to Jon Barela’s website to see what he stands for. At first I clicked on his speech but I was so afraid I was going to hear a Republican pontificating, that I clicked out of there to other places on his site. Then, I went to his page that shows his position on issues. As I read through the list, my respect for him grew. He really comes from a good place. Later, I met him at the Albuquerque Meet and Greet in January and was very happy with what I heard. So, I do believe that the East Mt TEA Party can support and endorse Jon Barela. He will be coming to the March 21, 2010 EMTP Meeting at the Lion’s Club in Moriarty and everyone can decide for themselves at that time. Here is his website:

  4. Bryan Says:

    Check out this youtube from Tim Hawkins for a visual of this spending with the song “Candy Man”…

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