CAP AND TAX warning for New Mexico

From a personal friend of Ralph & Susan in Abq:

We attended the Chamber of Commerce luncheon on the EIB and NMED proposed carbon cap (and tax) yesterday.  It will devastate New Mexico business and make the politicians more rich and powerful.  I am absolutely serious when I say this.  The EIB will write and almost assuredly pass the regulations (you should see the proposed regs), all of which will apply to all regulated industries in NM except for Tribal lands (the largest emitters of carbon in the state) and Bernalillo county.  But Bernalillo county will follow.  The NMED proposal is for the actual cap and tax.  All will definitely be in place by December 31.  They want to do this because the next Governor cannot rescind the regulations.  Only the legislature can do that.  So that Governor will preside over an increasingly poor state.

The EIB is filled with environmentalists that have conflicts of interest and lobby for other environmental groups.  NM Watchdog has reported at length on this.  They want total elimination of coal for electric generation and they want it now.  Then the elimination of oil, natural gas, etc. with substitution of renewables (A number of NM politicians pushing for this are owners of renewable energy companies).  Absolutely no nuclear.  There is very limited judicial review.  The new Governor can dissolve the board but the members can refuse to leave and a fight might ensue.

The leftists are pushing for this in Congress (which is unlikely to get a cap and tax passed before the election).  The EPA is going to set standards with or without Congress—a dictatorial action.  And now this on the local level.  And we’re not the only state they are doing this in.  The local level effort is a stealth effort; no one on local or national radio or TV seems to know about it.  So, on 3 fronts, they are assaulting us.  This has been well-planned, probably for decades.


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