State Candidate Forum Pictures

We had a great State Candidate’s Forum at the Moriarty Lion’s Club on Sunday. Only one question remains: what happened to the democrats? They committed to come, but not one showed up. It reminds me of a verse from the Scriptures: he who can be trusted in small things will be able to be trusted with large things. Not coming in for their job interview does not make us want to vote for them.

We will be posting video of the event. The Albuquerque Tea Party, through the Tea Party Patriots, filmed the entire forum and they said they will get it to us as soon as possible, hopefully by Friday or so.

Here are some photos: 

 John Sanchez for the Susana Martinez/Sanchez for Governor ticket:
“Common sense solutions, an end to corruption,
and smaller government”.
Very likeable. A very strong ticket, articulated
by a passionate New Mexican.

Dianna Duran, running for Secretary of State 
“Experience with solutions.” – Had strong answers
to all questions posed. A firecracker and a go-getter. 
Made you want to go out and vote right then.  

Lisa, speaking for Jim Schoonover for Treasurer

Since Jim Schoonover was not able to be present, we sent the questions back with Lisa. Here are his answers:

1. What are your plans to ensure accountability and transparency concerning the state’s money?     Regarding transparency, I believe that we need to have full disclosure of all financial records and have the records made available to all residents of the State of New Mexico via the internet and by hard copy.   Regarding accountability, I believe every dollar should be accounted for and reported in a manner that is easily understandable to all residents.

  2.  There have been huge amounts of money lost by the state through investments.  What can be done to prevent these huge losses?   I believe that all state investments need to be collateralized at a minimum of 100% while maximizing the rate of return on every dollar.  This is what I did as Treasurer for Dona Ana County.  Because of this, I was able to bring in over $12 million in interest income alone to Dona Ana County.

Matt Rush, running for State Land Commissioner
(Descendant of Benjamin Rush, signer
of the Declaration of Independence)
“What I can and cannot do in this job
is spelled out in the Constitution. I absolutely
vow to do and uphold what is written there.”

A listening crowd


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