Tea Party Express Congratulates Joe Miller As Lisa Murkowski Concedes U.S. Senate Race

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Tea Party Express Congratulates Joe Miller As

Lisa Murkowski Concedes U.S. Senate Race

ANCHORAGE – The Tea Party Express (website: www.TeaPartyExpress.org) congratulates Joe Miller on winning the race for the GOP primary for U.S. Senate in Alaska.

“Tonight Senator Lisa Murkowski conceded the race for U.S. Senate to Conservative Republican Joe Miller.  We here at the Tea Party Express couldn’t be more excited,” said Amy Kremer, Chairman of the Tea Party Express.

“We congratulate Joe Miller on winning the political shocker of the year.  Joe Miller’s campaign based on a constitutional conservative platform resonated with the state’s Republican primary voters and should serve as a wake up call to the political establishments of both parties.

“We also thank and congratulate Gov. Sarah Palin who first called our attention to this race.  She was right in her proclamation that Joe Miller was a first-rate candidate who offered a vision for the future of this country and how to return America to the right track,” said Amy Kremer.

“Up next:  Christine O’Donnell for U.S. Senate in Delaware,” Kremer said.

The Tea Party Express spent nearly $600,000 in this race, with $400,000+ spent in the final two-weeks of the campaign, of which approximately $314,000 spent in the final week after a poll commissioned by the Tea Party Express showed Miller surging 25% in less than three-weeks.

“Many in the press scoffed at our poll results at the time, believing they were skewed to favor Joe Miller, but they were not.  We simply wanted to see if our efforts in the state were paying off or not,” Kremer said.

The Tea Party Express has been on a win-streak in 2010, with election victories for Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate in Nevada, Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate in Florida, Mike Lee for U.S. Senate in Utah, Rand Paul for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, Scott Brown for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, and many others.  The Tea Party Express has also been instrumental in the defeat or retirement of several liberal politicians including Congressman Bart Stupak, Senator Arlen Specter and Congressman Alan Mollohan.


One Response to “Tea Party Express Congratulates Joe Miller As Lisa Murkowski Concedes U.S. Senate Race”

  1. Charles S. Rebert Says:

    You might be interestred in the following Declaration I’ve written:

    Declaration of Individual Sovereignty

    It is clear from the history of mankind that the mainspring of human progress is a free mind in a free market – – the world of individual sovereigns. Realization of the positive fruits that flow from such a world demands personal reciprocity and commitment to the principles of voluntarism, peacefulness, and individual responsibility, within a societal structure based on codes of law, limiting governance to the primary function of maintaining lawfulness and peace and codifying fundamental rights like those enumerated in the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. While those documents reflect fundamental principles concerning the nature of humankind and the rights inherent to humanity, the rights enumerated therein are neither derived from nor dependent on the documents. Claimed rights remain spheres of human action that are outside the purview of government except when the principles of peaceful and voluntary interaction are violated. The Constitution, while imperfect, was designed to protect established principles and individual rights derived from them.

    Those fundamental principles include the following:

    1. Each human being, because of the very nature of Mankind, is a unique and sovereign individual-each person is unique biologically, intellectually, and emotionally;

    2. As a sovereign being, it is the responsibility of each individual, through the application of their intellect and labor, to peaceably pursue their own sustenance and that of others they choose to care for;

    3. To successfully pursue sustenance and self-actualization, individuals must be free to choose those options in life, which, in their own judgment, are most consistent with their nature and life goals;

    4. To secure those options, individuals must claim rights. Rights are spheres of individual action, inviolable by other individuals, necessary to the pursuit of individual goals and protection from non-peaceful and predatory actions of other people (enemies – – individual or collective). Such Rights include, but are not limited to the following:

    The individual possession and use of weapons to inhibit and repel enemies, particularly to hold in check predatory tendencies of government. The security of all other rights depends on this fundamental right of individual self-defense;

    Responsible use of spoken, written, or other means of expression;

    Unencumbered public or private religious worship and expression;

    Peaceably obtaining and privately owning and using land and the animate and inanimate natural resources associated with it;

    Personal privacy in all realms;

    Peaceably obtaining and using material goods of any kind;

    Participation in mutually agreed, voluntary, social, political, religious, economic and personal interactions of any kind;

    Self-determination with respect to the creation and compassionate rearing and education of one’s children;

    Freedom from coercion/involuntary servitude of any kind, direct or indirect, [such as onerous taxation and its redistribution] by any entity, individual or collective (political, religious, governmental, military).

    Power loaned by sovereigns to governors often corrupts governors and leads to the grossest of civil abuses. Therefore, the power of governors in the State and Federal branches of the United States government are constrained in their spheres of action by the rights and power of the people, codified in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and civil and criminal law derived there from.
    Nevertheless, because of several weaknesses of the Constitution, changes to it, and methods of implementing it, there has been severe erosion of the people’s rights. Constitutional weaknesses include the Treaty Clause, the Interstate Commerce Clause, and the allowance of Executive Orders. These weaknesses have been exploited to make the government of the United States unacceptably powerful and arbitrary. Amendments contrary to the original spirit of the Constitution include the 16th and 17th. Harmful ways of implementing the Constitution include arbitrary rulings by the judiciary, and abrogation of responsibility by legislators and regulators.
    Pursuant to the foregoing, I do hereby affirm my belief in and commitment to the principles outlined above and my standing as a sovereign being. I claim my life – – only I have the authority to choose its direction. I do not recognize the authority of any government to violate, in any way, those rights enumerated above or any other of my rights, except when I willfully violate the rights of others. I commit myself to the protection of my own, and my neighbor’s, rights by whatever means necessary, against all enemies of our liberties and self-direction.
    My countrymen who have taken an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution, particularly those of you in law enforcement and the armed services, recognize the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights as the essential foundations of our Constitution. Your oath is to support the principles of individual freedom and limited government – – not simply the formal structure of a government or the people who control it. Laws, orders, policies and regulations that are contrary to our founding documents and the principles from which they derive have no legitimate standing. You violate your solemn oath when you aid and abet any such proclamations and enactments – – be true to your oaths.

    ___________________________ _____________________
    Signature of Declarant Date

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