Congratulations Tea Party! You Are Winning!

By Bob Steiner
Those of you who are active in the Tea Party movement should be proud! The results of recent primary elections, Glen Beck’s 500,000 person “Restore Honor” Rally in Washington, as well as ever-increasing attendance at your meetings here in central New Mexico, show that the hard work of your many volunteers is starting to pay off. Perhaps the best indicator of your success is the “attack strategy” the “Creeping Socialists” (also known as the left wing of the Democratic Party) are employing against you.

According to “Fox News” and other sources, they have mobilized the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) to discredit your work. According to “” George Soros (Vladimir Lenin, reincarnated?), with his vast wealth, is believed to be behind ””, a web site whose sole pupose is to monitor alleged racist incidents within the Tea Party. John Podesta, Bill Clinton’s ex- White House Chief of Staff, is quite active and  is also connected to Mr. Soros.

One thing, however. Despite the fact that they have considerable financial support backing them, this does not necessarily make them smart. Take for example the interview of one Hilary Shelton on “Fox News -O’Reilly Factor”, on Friday, March 10th. Mr. Shelton is the Director of the NACCP’s  D.C. Bureau. During the twenty minutes or so that he was being interviewed by Mr. O’Reilly, he was repeatedly asked to describe any recent racist acts that he attributed to the Tea Party. The sole incident that he was able to mention was that a person in the audience at a recent rally (he didn’t say where) was wearing a Tee shirt which black people found offensive. We really don’t even know if that person had any connection to the party.

These left wing ideologues have really got to stretch the truth to make any points. My heart goes out to those true Democrats who support our constitution and have to put up with the current direction Pelosi/Reid/Obama leadership is taking them.

I would remind anyone reading this article that the Tea Party welcomes participation of anyone, regardless of race, religion, or creed. They do not endorse any particular political party. They DO endorse ethical candidates who support the U.S. Constitution.

Yes, my Tea Party Friends, for a bunch of unpaid volunteers and with no actual candidates of your own, to be able to marshal such formidable opposition, you have come a long way! I congratulate you once again!


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