Hello, my name is Jordan Cooper. I am a ninth generation descendant of Patrick Henry. The Constitution was important in my ancestor’s time for many reasons, especially because it was the document that made our government and made the first free country in the history of the world. It was so well made, here we are, exactly 223 years later, and still standing under the same rule. We are the first country in the history of the world to have only had one Constitution since its revolution. 

The Constitution also gives every citizen rights, like freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and many others. It is a complete list of what the Congress can and can’t do, as well as what the people can do. It and its amendments protect us, it protects us from others, and most importantly, it protects us from our own government. 

The Constitution protects us from others because it gives us the right to bear arms, so if someone breaks into your house, you can protect yourself. It gives us the freedom of speech so we can say what we think about a local, or state Congressman, without being thrown in jail. And it protects us from our government because it keeps it limited and from going mad with power. If they go too far, and start to ignore the Constitution, like they are now, we have the right to vote them out of office. 

The Constitution is not just important, it is the most important document in the history of the United States. Next time you want to say what you want about a Congressman without going to jail, or next time you want to practice any religion, thank the Founding Fathers, and remember the Constitution.

Jordan Cooper
13 year old descendant of Patrick Henry










Jordan and Susana Martinez, candidate for NM governor


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