Tea Party Meeting today 1 PM

Today is our Local Candidate’s Forum, at 1 PM at Wildlife West in Edgewood.

Here is a list of the invited guests:

House of Representatives:
Jim Smith, district 22 (confirmed)
Jim White, district 20 (confirmed)
LeRoy Candelaria, (confirmed) and Rhonda King, (confirmed) district 50

Torrance: Heath White (confirmed) and Lawrence Villanueva (confirmed)
Santa Fe: Robert Garcia (will try to come)
Bernalillo: Manny Gonzalez (confirmed) and Dan Houston (confirmed)
Sandoval: Douglas White (did not respond) and Timothy Lucero (cannot come)

County Commissioner:
Torrance: Leanne Tapia (confirmed) and Robert Maldonado (cannot come)
Santa Fe: Robert Anaya (cannot come)
Bernalillo: Wayne Johnson (confirmed) and Janet Saiers (confirmed)
Sandoval: Pat Morlen (confirmed) and Orlando Lucero (confirmed)

ALSO, Songs by Sondra. “I AM AMERICA” (thanks to Krista Branch)
“Why The Constitution Is Important” by Jordan Cooper, 13 yr old descendant of Patrick Henry


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