Tea Party news

The garage sale for the Tea Party in Edgewood went well yesterday, though it was cold and windy at times. Thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who donated. Your items and your help were greatly appreciated. We had some books left over, which were donated to the Wildlife West thrift store, along with some other things unsold. We did save some items for another fund raising garage sale in the spring.

We are looking forward to our next public meeting, scheduled for November 14 1 PM at the Bean Barn at Wildlife West. The Tea Party has no affiliation with Wildlife West, but we support their generosity in caring for the animals and we appreciate renting their room. At the next meeting we will show TEA PARTY, THE DOCUMENTARY, part two, and afterwards we will sit down together for a time of friendshipm with brainstorming towards the next year. We encourage you to bring friends who are curious about the Tea Party, and family, and bring a crockpot and we will enjoy an informal potluck.

Eight days left! Get your candidate’s number on your speed dial and call them up to see what you can do to help in the final days. Every dollar they can raise is appreciated, and phone calls and door to door walks are  highly effective in these last few hours. Don’t forget to go to www.ConservativeFlyers.com and print flyers to distribute around town. Call us: 269-5617, if you need any help with any of these suggestions.


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