Oh Susana by Bob Steiner

Oh Susana!
Words by Bob Steiner, 
Music by Stephen Foster
Oh Bill and Di you’re leaving soon,
It’s time for you to go !
You’ve partied much, 
 You’ve flown a lot
And spent a lot of dough!
For eight long years that you were there,
You did who you could do.
We’re just so glad you’re leaving now,
It’s time for someone new!
Chorus : Oh, Oh Susanna, you’ll soon
Be leaving town.
You’re on your way to Santa Fe
to clean the house that’s round.
The “Good old Boys” are crying,
It’s hard to leave this way.
They had it good while Bill was there,
But now they have to pay.
Bill will return to Washington,
He still has some friends there,
Di will go back to Hobbs
and find an easy chair.
The state’s jet plane is leaving,
I hear it flying past
It’s taking Bill and Di away,
I sure wish they’d fly fast! 
The bill for “Play and Pay” is coming,
Let’s see who gets the tab.
The “G-Men” know who’s guilty,
I wonder who they’ll nab? 
I hate to say good bye my friends
I guess it’s getting late.
But the time they spent in Santa Fe
has really hurt our state.


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