Time to put a little skin in the game

Reports that President Obama is leaving tomorrow to take his family and a entourage of 3000 to India for five days, then to Indonesia and South Korea, at the cost of $200 million per day are startling. Even if the cost is exaggerated, and it is “only” $50 million per day, what are they thinking? The entire Taj Mahal hotel (570 rooms) and other hotels are being reserved for the President’s group, 40 planes will transport them, and 34 warships will be involved for security, all at enormous cost. Where are they getting the money?

Is there no adult at the White House to say the simple word, NO? In the last few years, the Republican party has been labeled “the party of no”. I think the Tea Party should be labeled “the Party of Common Sense”. What happened to the President’s comments saying that we all need to “have a little skin in the game”?

This is exactly what we rose up to vote out of office, and it is staggering that the President and his family would choose to go on this jaunt immediately following an election which trumpeted the message that we reject massive spending. No, they didn’t know the outcome of the election when this trip was planned, but they know that many are struggling to pay the rent, and that  businesses are waiting to hire until they hear what the tax rate will be.  

It appears that 2012 is going to require the same attention as this election did. We wish the new Congress well. We hope they rein in spending,  repeal Obamacare, (while making true reform to the healthcare system) systematically remove the pork, put a lock on corruption, and massively reduce the size of government.

Our hope is that Republicans and Democrats will work together towards this end, without compromising that which is needed for America’s safety, America’s recovery, and a restoration of the rights of the states and of the individual.  Are our hopes pipe dreams, and Democrats will refuse to return to their centrist roots and engage in responsible two party governing? Are our neighbors to be set as enemies, as the president proclaimed? We hope not.

We trust that the Republicans will govern well, that Democrats will come to their senses and govern well, and that “a little skin in the game” will finally start in Washington itself. If not, We the People absolutely will respond, and both parties can expect us to hold their feet to the fire in 2012, so help us God.


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