Bills pre-filed in Santa Fe

From Jim Crawford. January 12, 2011:
The Santa Fe elves are getting busy in Santa’s workshop up there. 13 more house bills and 10 more senate bills have been prefiled since yesterday. Once again here are a few notes and links on some of them.
This one is probably a good one. It adds a whole list of drugs to the DWI law.
This one removes the language about “serves at the pleasure of the governor” in regard to removing transportation commissioners. They could then only be removed for incompetence, malfeasance, etc. with the approval of the senate. Will make it harder for incoming governors to change the commission but it will be less political.
This is another good one that puts further limits on numbers of exempt employees. This one limits the number of positions for assistants, secretaries, etc. for department heads. There was no indication of how this relates to proposed SB68 that puts a total cap on exempt employees. Should be compatible.
These 3 are major restructuring proposal involving Homeland Security, Dept. of Public Safety: State Inspectors General: and Gaming Control Board. SB85 gives a lot more authority to the Gaming Control Board which may not necessarily be a good thing but the motivation is to reduce the cost of our state government which is good if it actually works.
This sets up another ear marked special fund for crime victim notification. The state contracts for inmate telecommunication services and a fee to go into this fund could be added to the contract. I could not tell if the inmates pay for their calls and would be paying the fee or if this is a free service for inmates paid by the state. If the state pays it does not make sense to take state money to put into a state ear marked fund.
This is a good one. It puts some limits on double dippers from the the retirement funds. It only kicks in after one earns over $15K. Seems like it should start immediately upon reemployment but this is a start anyway.
Along with HB57 above, these are attempting to work on the huge retirement funds’ unfunded liabilities by increasing employee contributions. A start anyway.
I think this serves to reduce your income tax if you itemize deductions by restoring the deduction for state and local income and sales taxes.
This one proposed a big tax increase on tobacco products.
This is another big tax credit deal akin to the movie industry. It extends an existing credit for jet fuel sales. Up until 2017 only 45% will apply to gross receipts and be taxed and after that only 60%. Instead of giving a big tax cut to selected favored sectors why not make across the board tax cuts for everyone and stimulate all economic sectors.
These are a couple more added to the gaggle of medical care bills already filed as part of implementing Obamacare and the costs to go along with it

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