A poll on raising the Debt Ceiling

Dear Patriot,
Congress is moving quickly toward a showdown over whether or
not to raise the debt ceiling.
            The vote over raising the debt ceiling will be the
            first critical test of the new Congress — will
            Republicans take action to stop runaway spending
            or will uncontrolled deficits continue?
Grassfire Nation wants citizens like you to have a direct voice
in this debate. That is why we are making it possible for you
to express your voice directly to Congress on this crucial issue:

            Where do YOU stand on raising the debt ceiling?
            What do YOU think of promises from politicians
            to cut future spending?
            Would YOU support a Balanced Budget Amendment to
            the U.S. Constitution?

Grassfire will compile the results of this nationwide “Citizen
Survey On Our Federal Debt” and deliver them to members of the
new Congress.
Go here to complete your survey right now:

+ + Even many Republicans say we must raise the debt ceiling

This issue will be the first major test of the new G.O.P.
Leadership. Even Speaker Boehner is saying we must raise the
debt ceiling or face “financial disaster.” But many leaders of

the new patriotic “tea party” movement are refusing to budge.

           Will Congress be willing to actually stop the
           out-of-control spending that is bankrupting our

           nation? The looming vote on raising the debt ceiling
           could be the tipping point!

Patriot, we cannot allow members of the new Congress to
forget for a moment why they got elected. There is one reason
and one reason only: to roll back Big Government and restore
liberty in our land!

That’s why Grassfire Nation is asking YOU to let Congress know
where you stand.

The results from this survey will be hand-delivered to Speaker
Boehner so he and his staff can see what citizens like you are
saying on this crucial issue.

Go here now and let your voice be heard on whether Congress
should raise the debt ceiling:


Thank you for taking a stand!
Grassfire Nation

P.S. Congress will not be serious about stopping Big Government
unless they hear from citizens like you. Our brief survey will
be hand-delivered directly to Speaker Boehner. Go here:



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