Request for help: HB 210

I could use support for my HB 210 which will be heard in House Health & Government affairs committee.  This will require state assistance recipients to “pee in the cup” if their case worker suspects they are using illicit drugs.  Call committee members and urge them to move this forward for discussion.  I am tired of supporting bad behavior and putting children in jeopardy due to their parent’s addiction. 
Pass this on to others if you feel this is important. I appreciate your help.  
Rep. Candy Ezzell
(R) Dist. 58
Chaves County  
Committee Chair Mimi Stewart (D)   505 .986 4334          
Alonzo Baldonado (R)   505.986.4227 
Nick Salazar (D)    505.986. 4433         
Yvette Herrell (R)      505.986.4214
Eleanor Chavez(D) 505.986. 4464          
Terry McMillan ((R) 505.986.4220              
Lucky Varela (D)   505. 986. 4320           
Jeanette Wallace (R) 505.986.4452

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