Call to defund Obamacare

Call Rules Committee Today for King Amendment to Defund ObamaCare 
ACTION ALERT:  From the Tea Party Patriots regarding defunding ObamacareFirst, we want to thank Rep. Nugent who is voting for the King Amendment to defund ObamaCare in its entirety.  Thank you Rep. Nugent and staff.  Please do not continue to call him. 

The Rules Committee is meeting today to work on the Continuing Resolution.  The Continuing Resolution does not have the wording to defund ObamaCare in its entirety. This wording is in the King Amendment, which will go before the Rules Committee this afternoon at 5:00 pm.    

We need you to call the GOP members of the House Rules Committee  immediately and urge them to support Rep. Steve King’s amendment to defund Obamacare.

The GOP members of the Rules Committee, and their office phone numbers are:

 David Dreier, CA-26 (202) 225-2305
Pete Sessions, TX-32 (202) 225-2231
Virginia Foxx, NC-5 (202) 225-2071
Rob Bishop, UT-1 (202) 225-0453
Rob Woodall, GA-7  (202) 225-4272
Tim Scott, SC-1 (202) 225-3176
Daniel Webster, FL-8 (202) 225-2176 

Keep the pressure on and hold the GOP to its promises!


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