Roundhouse Round Up Week 5 – more info from Santa Fe

Here we are at about the mid point of the session in Santa Fe. Have YOU been there yet to show the determination of the people?   Have you sat in on and spoken up concerning a Bill you want to effect one way or another?  Our opponents seem to be able to have folks show and stay through the day and into the evening.   Representatives are trying to ignore any contacts from folks outside their Districts, but you can speak to ALL of them on a Committee if you are there in the room during deliberation.   The sessions and committee meetings occur on Saturdays as well as through the week.  THINK ABOUT IT!   GOD Bless America Rick and Pat Morlen


Round House Round Up 5

Well another week has gone by. Before I get into the details of the past week I want to let you know what bills have moved on to the Senate, what bills have been signed, and what bills are tabled.  So here it goes………

Bills that have moved to the Senate:

HB 14/a (a means amended): School Priority for Military Children

HB15: Disposition on remains of Military Personnel

HB16/a:  Water project Financing Eligibility

HB17/a: Telecom Relocation Coat to Customers

HB35: Hidalgo County Health Demonstration Project

HB38: PERA Custodian, Bank, and Attorneys Fees

HB53*/a: NMFA Public Project Fund Projects

HB90: Purchase Protective Vest for Police Dogs

HB116/a: NM Poison and Drug Center

HB150/a: NM Law Enforcement Academy

HJM1 through HJM 12 have moved to the Senate

HJM 14 through 17 have moved to the Senate

HJM19 and 20 have moved to the Senate

HJM24 through 26 have moved to the Senate

HJM28 and 29 have moved to the Senate

HJM31 and 35 have moved to the Senate

HJR15/a: Vacant Judicial Offices filled by appointment

HM17: Moved to the Senate

Bills that have been signed:

HB4: McKinley County/Gallup Day

HM5: NM Mentorship

HM6: Chaves County Every 15Minutes Program

HM8: Title 9’s 39th Celebration Day

HM9: Clean Arroys Task Force


HM10: Las Cruces Day

HM11: ECOART America Challenge

HM18: Gallup Adventure Capitol of NM

HM19: Anti-Racism Day

HM23: 2012 Centennial Celebration Projects

HM29: Historic Women Marker &Recognition

Tabled Bills

HB19: No film tax credit

HB20: Increase 2ND Degree Murder Penalty

HB23: Liquor Excise Distribution to schools

HB44: Severance Tax Fund Investment in Energy

HB48: Cultural Properties Review Committee

HB60: No Golden Parachute for some employees

HB61: Net Income Definition for income Taxes

HB63: Public Works Wage Rates through Survey

HB69: Legislative Review Act

HB70: No Funds for certain School Programs

HB76: Create School Transportation Task Force

HB80: Merge Game and Fish with EMNRD

HB84: Merge EMNRD, Environment Dept. & Game and Fish

HB85: CYFD Rule Waiver for Certain Programs

HB89: Veteran Owned Business Gross Receipts

HB114: ABQ Public School License Plate

HB117: Conservancy District Powers over Acequias

HB120: New School & School Building Moratorium

HB135: Additional Concealed Guns & Additional Places

HB157: Create Natural resources & Environmental Dept

HB159: Mobile Home Rent Increase Protection

HB217: Field Trips to Jail

HB248: Absent Ballot sent automatically

HB255: Cultural Affairs and Tourism Act

HB261: Foreign NTL. Drivers License Expiration Date

HB276: Agriculture Protection Act

HB279: Single Water Duty for Crops in Single System

HB308: Voter ID

HB331: Enact Right to Work

HB333: No pay for accumulated sick leave

HJR2: Limit State Legislator Terms

HJR10: NM Sovereignty & Federal Mandates

HJR1: APTS. to CMTS. By Caucuses         

HJR19: Employee Secret Ballot

HB162: Limit certain recognitions of Marriages

HJR7: Defining Marriage

HJR8: Marriage Defined & Marriage Recognized

These are the Actions that have been taken on bills up till the Afternoon of the 18th.  So now you have an idea of what has been happening.

So what about this week?

Voters and Elections

We had a big disappointment this week when HB308 Voter ID was tabled.  We first met on this bill on Tuesday. It was great that we had people from Tea Parties from all over the state. There were so many people that the committee had to be moved to a bigger room. We learned very quickly though, just how rude some of our representative can be. People were talking, they were excited and there were people there who don’t get to see one another often. The Chairwoman of the Voters and Election Committee let us know that she didn’t like that; she said we were in her house and that we better do exactly what she wanted or we “would be gone”.  Chairwoman Mary Helen Garcia needs to be reminded that we were NOT IN HER HOUSE, BUT THAT SHE IS IN OUR HOUSE, THE PEOPLES HOUSE!  Maybe she has been in office too long; her arrogance and disdain for the people of this state she is showing.  It becomes apparent to me that the Democrat Senators have more patients with those who think like them than with conservatives.  Conservatives better keep their mouths shut and do as told or we will be kicked out. The other guys,  “please get quiet, please get quiet”.  

The rest of the committee hearing went downhill from there. It was apparent that the bill needed a substitute or re-write, because of the number of amendments, but the Chairwoman let the hearing go on so people could have their say. There were many more people who supported the bill than those who opposed it, but to no avail. We were told by the Democrat Committee members that it was a waste of time for us to call or write them. They only care about what “their constituents” have to say and they did not appreciate calls, emails or letters from anyone but them. Chairwoman Mary Helen Garcia let us know that she thought the emails she received were rude and that we should stop annoying her with them, she only wants to hear from her constituents. Speaker Lujan also let us know that as well. As the meeting went on we heard how requiring a photo idea would disenfranchise people, especially people in Representative Rodeall’s district.  She stated that some people in her district have no form of ID.; No Library Cards, Medicade Cards, school ID’s, Social Security cards, no ID’s what so ever and no way to get them(?). Representative Madalena let it be known that he represents FIVE PUEBLOS and that his district was CREATED JUST FOR HIM SO THERE WOULD ALWAYS BE A NATIVE AMERICAN DISTRICT. Unfortunately I live in his district and I don’t live on a Pueblo so you have an idea of how well he represents me. He stated that rural areas should not be required to have a photo ID as it is too difficult for them to get into town to get one and that Native Americans do not take pictures. I guess he did not read the bill:  as Native Americans were not required to have a photo ID. Oh well, you get the picture.  

After two hours the Chairwoman stated that we would reconvene on Thursday and go over the Substitute Bill. Of course she was counting  on many supporters of the bill not being able to get back to Santa Fe on Thursday, and that is a common strategy of the Democrats.  On Thursday the number was much smaller and the bill was TABLED. It disenfranchised people. According to the majority party in New Mexico, everyone should be able to vote; citizens and non citizens, it doesn’t matter.   But don’t despair “UNDER DOG” is here. The Republicans have another bill HB577.


All three Marriage Definition Bills were tabled along Party Lines HB 162, HJR7 and HJR8.

The Democrats felt that it was not necessary to allow the citizens of NM to decide the definition of marriage. The bills wanted to define marriage so as to make all the NM statutes say the same thing. You see we have one statue that describes marriage as a contract between contracting parties,( Statute 40-1-1 NMSA1978), but then 40-1-18 specifically refers to a bride and groom, and requires a male and female applicant. Other provisions in state law refer to husband and wife. (See sections 40-2-1; 40-3-1) Thanks to the ultimate wisdom of our three Democrats on Consumer and Public Affairs Committee, this confusion will continue to exist.  And, thanks to Attorney General Gary King who decided to render an opinion a few weeks ago that said NM would have to accept same sex marriages from other states, the confusion will probably come to a head; and instead of a calm orderly debate on the definition of marriage we will have huge blow up.  I do not see why we cannot correct the obvious confusion in our laws so all will know what they mean or why people cannot be trusted to make a decision.

Eminent Domain Bills:

HB 45: Eminent Domain Federal Property was moved to Judiciary

 HB110: was not heard this week in their second committees

MISC Bills:

HB 306: ESCAFCA:  Vote out of District was postponed once again on Thursday to next week

HB293: ESCAFCA Single Member District was sent to House Voters and Election so that it could be heard with HB306 remember this is the bill brought by Rep. Madalena who also is a cosigner of the Bill HB 306. The last committee thought it was odd that Rep. Madalena has two bills one to continue ESCAFCA and one to get rid of it. I talked about this before.

HB331 Right to work was tabled

HJR19 Secret Ballot was tabled

Now for Two New Bills:

 Voter and Election



This bill will be heard in House Consumer and Public Affairs. This is our last chance to get a Voter ID Bill. I will let you know when it will be heard.

HB 535 Change Bond Election day





This is the bill that I proposed, it will require that all bond elections be held on one day. This way we will not have all these stealth elections throughout the year. We will be able to actually calculate what all the bonds totaled together would cost us so that we are not being nickeled and dimed to death. The bonds would get more public attention as well. This would save the state and county money as well as they would be providing services for a single election on one day instead of seven or eight elections spread throughout the year. This is a win win for the citizens, the county and the state. The only people who may not like it are all those bond entities as they won’t be able to sneak their bonds in without us noticing. I hope you can get behind my bill. I want to Thank Representative Jane Powdrell-Colbert who is carrying the bill and the Secretary of State Office which supports it and worked on it. The bill will be coming up in House Education Committee

Representative Rick Miera Chair             D
Representative Rhonda S. King Vice Chair     D
Representative Alonzo Baldonado Member         D
Representative George Dodge Member         D
Representative Nora Espinoza Member
Representative Mary Helen Garcia Member         D
Representative Jimmie C. Hall Member
Representative Dianne Miller Hamilton Member
Representative Andy Nuñez Member
Representative Dennis J. Roch Member
Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton Member         D

If you would like to give the Democrats a call, that would be great. The Republicans are behind it already. I will let you know when it will be heard.

 ** I added an editorial to this week’s Round Up it is the Second Attachment. It deals with the Drivers License Bills. I hope you take the time to read it: Here it is:

EDITORIAL: Drivers License Bills

We had three drivers License Bills. Notice I said had. There were HB78, HB401, and HB 346.

HB 78:

House Bill 78 amends Section 66-5-9 NMSA 1978 to remove that section of the Motor Vehicle code which permits a driver’s license to be issued to foreign nationals using a taxpayer identification number as a substitute for a social security number (SSN) regardless of immigration status. The bill also removes the authority of the Taxation and Revenue Department secretary to establish by regulation, other documents that may be substituted for a social security number or individual tax identification number.

This was a good bill, it would have taken care of our Drivers License Problem and we would be in compliance with Federal Law, specifically the law entitled the Real ID


House Bill 401 adds a new section to the Motor Vehicle Code that would allow the MotormVehicle Division (MVD) of the Taxation and Revenue Department (TRD) to issue a guest Driver’s permit to an “undocumented guest” who applies for the permit and who meets all of the Requirements for the issuance of a driver’s license. TRD will be required to conduct a criminal background check on all applicants to verify that they have not been convicted of a felony. By October 1, 2011, TRD will also be required to promulgate rules to carry out the provisions of this section. A guest driver’s permit will need to conspicuously state: “This permit is only valid for driving privileges in New Mexico and is not proof of valid presence in the United States”. These permits will only be valid for one year from the date of issuance and may be renewed for one year terms. The fee for issuance or renewal of a guest driver’s permit would be $200, and the fee would be appropriated to TRD to defray the expenses associated with the issuance/renewal of these permits. See attachment for definition of “undocumented guest.”

This wasn’t a bad bill but when you put it with HB78 you would have gotten a great bill.

HB 346:

House Bill 346 would amend the Motor Vehicle Code to require the following additional information when an individual is applying for a driver’s license:

(1) One proof of identify, the requirement of which shall be satisfied by: (a) a birth certificate, either an original or a certified copy of a foreign birth certificate with a notarized English translation; or (b) a form of photo identification, the requirement of which shall be satisfied by: 1) a driver’s license from another state; or 2) a passport or identification card from the applicant’s country of citizenship, the issuance of which can be verified by contact with the issuing authority;

(2) two independent forms of proof of the applicant’s New Mexico residency, the requirement of which shall be satisfied by any two of the following: (a) a utility bill; (b) a bank statement; (c) a property tax bill; (d) a rental agreement; or (e) another document authorized by the secretary that shows the applicant’s address; and

(3) a declaration under penalty of perjury made by the applicant that all documents provided by the applicant with the application are genuine and accurate.

The bill also provides that if the documents required above are not genuine and accurate, or if the applicant receives a driver’s license and then transfers it to another person, the person is guilty of a fourth degree felony.

This bill was stronger than HB401, but not as good as HB 78 if you combined it with HB401 you would have gotten a good bill, but not a great bill. HB 78 and HB 401 would have been the great bill.

So what did we end up with today after the committee hearing; nothing, nada, zip. The Status Quo.  As Representative Chasey, Maestas, and O’Neill said the Federal Government will never enforce the REAL ID law so we have no need to worry about illegal’s coming to our state to obtain drivers license, we have no need to worry about not being able to use our Drivers License to get on a plane or travel in another state. The Federal Government extended the compliance date for REAL ID twice now, they will extend it again.  DON”T WORRY JUST BE HAPPY! If you are worried about Public Safety no need to worry illegal immigrants are all nice people who only come here for a better life (and many do come for that reason) they are not really criminals. You see as Representative Meastas stated they have only broken our civil laws, to be a criminal you have to commit a felony so Representative Meastas states and he is a lawyer.

So you may ask why these three representatives of NM feel that there is no need to comply with Federal Law. Well here are a few of their reasons, 1) Illegal’s are not criminals, and should not be treated as such, 2) They provide a revenue stream for NM, 3) they need drivers licenses to work, and take care of their families attend school(?), 4) by giving them a drivers license we insure they are trained drivers and have insurance ( at least for one month anyway),  5) Issuing Drivers Licenses to illegal’s is not a public safety risk and 6) We are leading the way for other states to follow; never mind that all the other states that were issuing drivers licenses to Illegal Aliens have stopped doing so and only NM and WA are left and pretty soon NM will be the only state in the Union issuing drivers Licenses to illegal’s as WA is in the process of ending it in their state. So I guess the question needs to be asked which way are we leading, and who are we leading. The last stellar comment made from our representatives who have sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the NM Constitution came from Representative Maestas, who feels that the whole reason these drivers License Bills came up was because of a poor economy fueled by ant-immigration fever. As he stated illegal’s or as he calls them immigrants (it is easier to lump illegal and legal immigrants together maybe we will get confused and the illegal’s will get lost with the legal’s and then our problem is gone (no more illegal’s).  These folks take jobs we American citizens would never ever do like clean houses, construction jobs, road jobs, McDonalds, and oh yes farm laborers. He said his son would never get up at 2am to do those jobs. I guess it is lucky that he is in a position that his son won’t have to do that.

Truth be told I do my own house work, yard work and laundry. As a teen I mowed lawns, worked retail, and fast food (Burger King). My husband picked horseradish during the summer as a teen he, painted houses, mowed lawns, and yes he worked stocking shelves. I paid my way through college doing those jobs and you know what, when my son was a teen he did the same thing.  Not because we needed him to work, but because we wanted him to know the value of work and a good education, and to understand that if you need a job to take care of your family no job is below you. I contend that we have people who will do those jobs he says Americans won’t do. Am I anti-immigration; no.  What I am is anti-illegal immigration.  The key is illegal.  Anyone who wants to come to America legally is more that welcomed in my books. We are a Nation of Laws, we must follow our laws or chaos rules, and that is what is happening now. Our driver’s license will soon be no good as an ID because most of our Democrat Legislators say we are above the federal law.  Our Public Safety is threatened because of them and possibly we are putting our whole nation at risk of a terrorist attack because we are issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens from all over the world. People have built cottage industries advertising in newspapers packages trips to NM to get your driver’s license, amazing; but the Democrats say don’t worry be happy.

So where were we today? Where we there so we could speak our mind?  Sadly to say we weren’t there.  Some 80 people raised their hand to oppose the bills and only 6 raised their hand in support. We spent two hours listening to people like the League of Woman Voters, the Catholic Bishops, The Interfaith Council, Somas, and the list goes on. We were told,  “these people are just here for a better life you cannot single them out, they bring money into the state, you are bad for wanting to pick on these people, they are not criminals”. The best quote from the Catholic Bishop Representative was that,  “JESUS was an immigrant, would you do this to him?”

Bottom line, we did nothing.  Four Drivers License Bills came up this year and  all four were tabled. The vote went as follows:

HB78 Tabled along Party Lines 3-2
HB401 Tabled along Party Lines 3-2
HB346 representative O’Neill requested for his bill to be tabled and it was obliged.

The Republican Representative made motions to pass the bills, but Representative Maestas would motion to Table and in the world of politics a motion to table outweighs a motion to pass.

This was a sad day for the citizens of NM no fix to the drivers license means even if we get a Voter ID bill it will not be secure as we would use our driver’s license to vote.

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