Guest Article by Silvana Lupetti


The firefighters and policemen, the first responders on 9/11, are being ‘disinvited’ from attending the ceremonies marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The reason Mayer Bloomberg gives is so astounding and incredible that I’m putting in bold.

There is not enough space.

It’s a security issue, they claim.

WTF!!??? (in this case, my language is appropriate) These are the people who ran UP the stairs of those doomed burning towers. As the stream of people passed them going down, they pushed forward and upward into the heat and smoke. Their purpose: to save as many lives as they could.

What were they thinking, I wonder? The massive towers filled with people and only a few of them in comparison. Did they realize it was a lost cause and turn around? NO. From eyewitness accounts, NOT ONE FIREMAN turned around to save himself.

These are the true heroes, who saved lives, knowing that they could lose their own. Noble, like Jesus, I would say.

So now we come to the marking of ten years with them gone off the earth. Their brothers in arms want to come and represent them at the ceremony and rightfully remind us of their sacrifice. BUT THERE IS NO ROOM FOR THEM ON THE VERY SPOT WHERE THEY GAVE THEIR LIVES. No. There is only room for politicians, businessmen, ad nauseum.

How shallow, how callous, how without understanding these ‘leaders’ show themselves to be. Mayer Bloomberg should never hold another office again. nor ever be given power over others, if his character is so petty, so liberal in outlook.

We, the American people, salute the fallen. We salute the living, who step in to take the places of the first responders on that awful September morning. We utterly reject the decision to ‘disinvite’ the new first responders.

Father, may these foolish callous and shallow men who are in power, LOSE THEIR POWER.

And to any among the American people who put them in power, wake up, and show wisdom.

God Bless the United States of America, the first responders, the families forever changed by violence and hate.

Silvana Lupetti



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