Call to Action: contact our legislators

At a cost of  $50,000 per day to hold the Special Session in Santa Fe, there is a lot of work
to be done. However, Speaker Ben Lujan and the Democrats are dragging their
feet. They have met for an average of under three hours per day. One day they
met for 20 minutes! They do not want to pass the Agenda, including no driver’s
licenses for illegals and putting a stop to “social promotion” which send a
child to the next grade even though they cannot do the work, so they are trying
to run out the time allotted for the Special Session.

New Mexico is near to last in many categories, including education, business friendliness, high school
graduation, best place to live, etc. A new report shows that New Mexico is third
in the nation in paying improper unemployment benefits (30% to the tune of $104
million) and fourth in unemployment fraud.  WHY? Are we just uneducated, country
bumpkins that can’t get our act together? NO! It is our leadership, particularly
those in the Legislature in Santa Fe, who have caused many of these problems and
refused to act on real solutions.
It is our state, our businesses, our
money, and they are accountable to us, to we the people of New Mexico.
Their actions must change!

The NM Conservative Coalition has put together a ten-step plan that Tea Parties and
Patriot groups all over the state are implementing, and we ask you join us. Why
should these people be in office? Let’s let them know that they won’t be for
long if they don’t change their ways now.

NM Conservative Coalition

1) Complain about this slow pace to the Attorney General. When confronted about
their feet-dragging one legislator in the Democrat Party claimed, “we have
meetings in private where the work gets done”.
Meetings without the Republicans? What about the Open Meetings Act which
requires them, BY LAW, to meet openly so the public can see what is

Contact NM Attorney General Gary King
Call or fax the AG:
Phone: (505) 827-6000 Fax: (505) 827-5826

Write to him via snail mail:
Gary King, Attorney
408 Galisteo Street
Villagra Building
Santa Fe, New Mexico

2) Write a letter to the editor of your local newspapers.

3) Make phone calls to Legislators, starting with Speaker Lujan’s

4) Send emails to the legislators in Santa Fe. Get your kids and grandkids and
friends and neighbors to call and write to them too.

5) Call in to talk radio shows in your area to discuss the feet-dragging by the NM

6) Post comments on Facebook/your blog site/website

7) Tweet comments on Twitter

8) Make comments online in the comment area anywhere that you see this issue

9) Spread the ten-step plan to others: at church/ at
your veteran groups/homeschoolers/
Republican groups/etc. and ask them
to join in

10) Come to Santa Fe. Attend Session Meetings. Also, while there, protest in person
to the legislators in Santa Fe. Tweet what you see or the response you receive
to spread the word.

Contact the NM Legislators:   PDF file: NM Legislators_2011             Excel file: NM Legislators 2011

Online file:


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