The NM Legislature closed Saturday

The NM Legislature closed Saturday, after doing as little as they possibly could, except for very partisan actions by the Democrat leadership. The partisan, highly-slanted redistricting plan they cobbled together will surely be vetoed by Governor Martinez, and then it will head off to the courts, at the cost of millions to the New Mexican taxpayers.  Are you ready to start acting towards 2012 and removing from office those who will not and did not do the job we sent them to Santa Fe to do?   We are too!
The following was sent by Sylvia Bokor:
Dear New Mexicans,   — 1 item —
1. Following is a statement from the Republican Party of New Mexico which I’ve edited for space
considerations. The hiatus indicates omitted material.
Below it, is an email from
Conrad James, State Representative D#24, which
gives details not much discussed.
From the Republican Party of
New Mexico: 


 ALBUQUERQUE, NM – There can be
no doubt about the blindly partisan and arrogant nature of the Democratic
legislative leadership . . . Rather than addressing the needs
of New Mexicans, Democrat legislators did nothing more than try to rig their own
re-elections by passing gerrymandered redistricting maps. . . .
Democrats are consciously and proactively standing in the way of
common-sense solutions for the people of New

  • On the same day President
    Obama’s administration endorsed Governor Martinez’s plan to end social
    promotion, Senate Democrats walked out;
  • Democrats refused to negotiate
    fair redistricting maps, instead passing partisan gerrymanders their own expert
    testified were drawn illegally. Despite repeated efforts by Republicans to
    negotiate a compromise, Democrats refused to negotiate;
  • Democrats refused to repeal the
    law giving driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, despite 74 percent public
    support for repeal; and,
  • Despite claiming to support job
    creation measures, the Democrats:

    • Refused to pass the High-Wage
      Job Tax Credit
    • Slashed middle class jobs
      programs in the Capital Outlay Bill


From Conrad James:
[Editor’s note: The following text has not been
democrats control the legislature but republicans control the governorship,
compromise is necessary to put together redistricting maps.

democrats have shown they don’t want to compromise so now it will go to the
courts to redraw the lines, costing additional millions of taxpayer dollars.

So they have wasted the taxpayers money on a 21 day long legislative
session, as 21 days is what you would need to work out compromise plans for the
house, senate, congress, PRC, and pec with 2 parties and 112 legislators.

If you are not going to compromise and just ram through partisan
democrat plans, it should have only taken 2-3 days.

That is the take
home message…we tried and tried to work with them, and we put together up to
four house plans to give them options.

They weren’t interested and only
submitted a single partisan plan for the house and one for the senate.

Here is the main point: they are trying to subvert the will of the
people by strengthening democrats ahead of the shellacking they are going to
take in 2012.

In the house, republican districts collectively outgrew the
norm by 45000 people, while democrat districts were down in population (from the
average) by 45000.

That alone would produce a new republican-leaning
house district simply by virtue of population shifts. They see that and are
doing everything possible to thwart the will of the people which have 1)
voted for republicans in larger numbers in 2010 and 2) moved into republican

Their plans are simply political gerrymandering, and that is
all it is.

for all your support.
Conrad is, of course, correct. The entire Left—state, local and federal—is
very frightened about 2012. It is our job to make certain that their worse fears
come true.  Lujan is not the only individual who must go. The entire Obama
government must go.
Sylvia Bokor

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