EMTP has been disbanded

The East Mountain Tea Party has been disbanded, for the present time. Please support the Sandia Tea Party, the Albuquerque Tea Party, the Rio Rancho Tea Party, and each of the other Tea Parties in the state. Each one holds the finest patriots in the state.


It is clear that the present peril to America is unprecedented. President Obama is convinced that his reelection victory is a mandate from the nation to continue with his socialist remaking of America. The mainstream media have and will continue to do everything in their power to bolster his actions, due to their partisan bias. Hollywood, much of the current education system, and many others across the country do not understand or  value liberty. Socialism is not freedom.

Financially, sooner or later, a crash is coming. Our shortsighted foreign policy will also bring added perils. Only the patriotic steel at the heart of America will see us through the years ahead and eventually bring us back to the nation we once were; a nation though battered and beaten, who overcomes to become once again a city on a hill. The light shining from that hill will not be socialism nor communism, but liberty. That day will come. God bless America until then.


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