October 20, 2011

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Albuquerque Tea Party

The NM Legislature closed Saturday

September 27, 2011
The NM Legislature closed Saturday, after doing as little as they possibly could, except for very partisan actions by the Democrat leadership. The partisan, highly-slanted redistricting plan they cobbled together will surely be vetoed by Governor Martinez, and then it will head off to the courts, at the cost of millions to the New Mexican taxpayers.  Are you ready to start acting towards 2012 and removing from office those who will not and did not do the job we sent them to Santa Fe to do?   We are too!
The following was sent by Sylvia Bokor:
Dear New Mexicans,   — 1 item —
1. Following is a statement from the Republican Party of New Mexico which I’ve edited for space
considerations. The hiatus indicates omitted material.
Below it, is an email from
Conrad James, State Representative D#24, which
gives details not much discussed.
From the Republican Party of
New Mexico: 


 ALBUQUERQUE, NM – There can be
no doubt about the blindly partisan and arrogant nature of the Democratic
legislative leadership . . . Rather than addressing the needs
of New Mexicans, Democrat legislators did nothing more than try to rig their own
re-elections by passing gerrymandered redistricting maps. . . .
Democrats are consciously and proactively standing in the way of
common-sense solutions for the people of New

  • On the same day President
    Obama’s administration endorsed Governor Martinez’s plan to end social
    promotion, Senate Democrats walked out;
  • Democrats refused to negotiate
    fair redistricting maps, instead passing partisan gerrymanders their own expert
    testified were drawn illegally. Despite repeated efforts by Republicans to
    negotiate a compromise, Democrats refused to negotiate;
  • Democrats refused to repeal the
    law giving driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, despite 74 percent public
    support for repeal; and,
  • Despite claiming to support job
    creation measures, the Democrats:

    • Refused to pass the High-Wage
      Job Tax Credit
    • Slashed middle class jobs
      programs in the Capital Outlay Bill


From Conrad James:
[Editor’s note: The following text has not been
democrats control the legislature but republicans control the governorship,
compromise is necessary to put together redistricting maps.

democrats have shown they don’t want to compromise so now it will go to the
courts to redraw the lines, costing additional millions of taxpayer dollars.

So they have wasted the taxpayers money on a 21 day long legislative
session, as 21 days is what you would need to work out compromise plans for the
house, senate, congress, PRC, and pec with 2 parties and 112 legislators.

If you are not going to compromise and just ram through partisan
democrat plans, it should have only taken 2-3 days.

That is the take
home message…we tried and tried to work with them, and we put together up to
four house plans to give them options.

They weren’t interested and only
submitted a single partisan plan for the house and one for the senate.

Here is the main point: they are trying to subvert the will of the
people by strengthening democrats ahead of the shellacking they are going to
take in 2012.

In the house, republican districts collectively outgrew the
norm by 45000 people, while democrat districts were down in population (from the
average) by 45000.

That alone would produce a new republican-leaning
house district simply by virtue of population shifts. They see that and are
doing everything possible to thwart the will of the people which have 1)
voted for republicans in larger numbers in 2010 and 2) moved into republican

Their plans are simply political gerrymandering, and that is
all it is.

for all your support.
Conrad is, of course, correct. The entire Left—state, local and federal—is
very frightened about 2012. It is our job to make certain that their worse fears
come true.  Lujan is not the only individual who must go. The entire Obama
government must go.
Sylvia Bokor


Call to Action: contact our legislators

September 18, 2011

At a cost of  $50,000 per day to hold the Special Session in Santa Fe, there is a lot of work
to be done. However, Speaker Ben Lujan and the Democrats are dragging their
feet. They have met for an average of under three hours per day. One day they
met for 20 minutes! They do not want to pass the Agenda, including no driver’s
licenses for illegals and putting a stop to “social promotion” which send a
child to the next grade even though they cannot do the work, so they are trying
to run out the time allotted for the Special Session.

New Mexico is near to last in many categories, including education, business friendliness, high school
graduation, best place to live, etc. A new report shows that New Mexico is third
in the nation in paying improper unemployment benefits (30% to the tune of $104
million) and fourth in unemployment fraud.  WHY? Are we just uneducated, country
bumpkins that can’t get our act together? NO! It is our leadership, particularly
those in the Legislature in Santa Fe, who have caused many of these problems and
refused to act on real solutions.
It is our state, our businesses, our
money, and they are accountable to us, to we the people of New Mexico.
Their actions must change!

The NM Conservative Coalition has put together a ten-step plan that Tea Parties and
Patriot groups all over the state are implementing, and we ask you join us. Why
should these people be in office? Let’s let them know that they won’t be for
long if they don’t change their ways now.

NM Conservative Coalition

1) Complain about this slow pace to the Attorney General. When confronted about
their feet-dragging one legislator in the Democrat Party claimed, “we have
meetings in private where the work gets done”.
Meetings without the Republicans? What about the Open Meetings Act which
requires them, BY LAW, to meet openly so the public can see what is

Contact NM Attorney General Gary King
Call or fax the AG:
Phone: (505) 827-6000 Fax: (505) 827-5826

Write to him via snail mail:
Gary King, Attorney
408 Galisteo Street
Villagra Building
Santa Fe, New Mexico

2) Write a letter to the editor of your local newspapers.

3) Make phone calls to Legislators, starting with Speaker Lujan’s

4) Send emails to the legislators in Santa Fe. Get your kids and grandkids and
friends and neighbors to call and write to them too.

5) Call in to talk radio shows in your area to discuss the feet-dragging by the NM

6) Post comments on Facebook/your blog site/website

7) Tweet comments on Twitter

8) Make comments online in the comment area anywhere that you see this issue

9) Spread the ten-step plan to others: at church/ at
your veteran groups/homeschoolers/
Republican groups/etc. and ask them
to join in

10) Come to Santa Fe. Attend Session Meetings. Also, while there, protest in person
to the legislators in Santa Fe. Tweet what you see or the response you receive
to spread the word.

Contact the NM Legislators:   PDF file: NM Legislators_2011             Excel file: NM Legislators 2011

Online file: http://wethepeoplenm.wordpress.com/nm-legislators-2011/

Constitution Day: get a free Constitution

September 17, 2011

Happy birthday to the US Constitution!

Long may it live!

Receive a free Constitution
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September 11, 2011



Guest Article by Silvana Lupetti


The firefighters and policemen, the first responders on 9/11, are being ‘disinvited’ from attending the ceremonies marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The reason Mayer Bloomberg gives is so astounding and incredible that I’m putting in bold.

There is not enough space.

It’s a security issue, they claim.

WTF!!??? (in this case, my language is appropriate) These are the people who ran UP the stairs of those doomed burning towers. As the stream of people passed them going down, they pushed forward and upward into the heat and smoke. Their purpose: to save as many lives as they could.

What were they thinking, I wonder? The massive towers filled with people and only a few of them in comparison. Did they realize it was a lost cause and turn around? NO. From eyewitness accounts, NOT ONE FIREMAN turned around to save himself.

These are the true heroes, who saved lives, knowing that they could lose their own. Noble, like Jesus, I would say.

So now we come to the marking of ten years with them gone off the earth. Their brothers in arms want to come and represent them at the ceremony and rightfully remind us of their sacrifice. BUT THERE IS NO ROOM FOR THEM ON THE VERY SPOT WHERE THEY GAVE THEIR LIVES. No. There is only room for politicians, businessmen, ad nauseum.

How shallow, how callous, how without understanding these ‘leaders’ show themselves to be. Mayer Bloomberg should never hold another office again. nor ever be given power over others, if his character is so petty, so liberal in outlook.

We, the American people, salute the fallen. We salute the living, who step in to take the places of the first responders on that awful September morning. We utterly reject the decision to ‘disinvite’ the new first responders.

Father, may these foolish callous and shallow men who are in power, LOSE THEIR POWER.

And to any among the American people who put them in power, wake up, and show wisdom.

God Bless the United States of America, the first responders, the families forever changed by violence and hate.

Silvana Lupetti


Invitation to Cloudcroft to a protest against forest liberalism

September 11, 2011

We The People Rally 2 video

September 11, 2011

It was a successful and inspiring Rally last Tuesday at the Roundh0use,
with Tea Partyers and Patriots from across the state. Thank you to Bob Wright for
a great job as Master of Ceremonies, and  to Lt Gov John Sanchez and all the speakers.

Rally Reminder & KKOB Radio Sunday 7 AM

September 3, 2011

We The People Rally 2

MAP TO RALLY     We The People Rally website

Terry Q. at KKOB invited Therese Cooper and Sylvia Bokor
to come again tomorrow, Sunday, September 4 for another interview.

Today, Saturday, Sept 3, we had a lot of very good calls and comments with
some wonderfully intense discussion about driver’s licenses for
illegal immigrants and the Sept. 6 Rally.

Tomorrow they plan to expand on the damage that the law allowing driver’s
licenses for illegal immigrants is doing to New Mexico on two fronts: The threat
to citizen’s security that threatens our well-being, and the enormous welfare
expenses that are draining New Mexicans’ pocketbooks.

Tune in and join the discussion:  Weekends with Terrie Q. Sayre on 770 KKOB; Call-in numbers: 243-3333 or 800-460-0770

NM Conservative Coalition appreciates Governor Martinez calling a special session

August 16, 2011

Sandia Tea Party Meeting

August 6, 2011

Sunday, August 14, Sandia Tea Party meeting, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  Edgewood, NM. Calvary Church,
(Take the Edgewood exit and drive 3.5 mi North of I-40.)

Janice Arnold-Jones
, candidate for CD#1, and community leader Roger
Lenard will each speak on our national energy policy.

Sandia Tea Party Founder co-founder Aaron Lenard and Toni Williams, co-host Tea Party 2.0 KIVA radio talk show, will speak on the national and the Sandia Tea Party movement.  For more information access www.sandiateaparty.com